Serving as an economic engine, the Gateway Orlando District is the backbones of our great neighborhood.  Our Market Street organization focuses on enhancing our distinctive look and developing bike and pedestrian-friendly environments, personal service, local ownership and a sense of community.  The small businesses that our organization supports help make Orlando  a great place to live. We create, define and strengthen our neighborhoods.


From Mayor Dyer

Some highlights of our Main Street program since it was established in 2008:


1. Main Street Districts Attract New Businesses

The districts have welcomed 694 new businesses, ranging from ice cream shops to clothing boutiques to art galleries


2. Main Street Districts Create Jobs

Since 2008, the districts have created 2,418 new full-time jobs and 4,246 new part-time jobs


3. Main Street Districts Help Businesses Expand and Grow

Forty-five businesses within the districts have expanded their operations and 769 rehab projects have been completed


4. Main Street Districts Give Back to Our Community

Volunteers within the districts have donated 73,406 hours with an estimated value of $1,574,819.71 working on projects ranging from food drives to beautification efforts



Mailing Address

4409 Hoffner ave #244 Orlando FL 32812



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